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{Dress: Billabong || Crop Top: Urban Outfitters || Necklace: EmmaJoy || Sandals: Mango || Hat: Urban Outfitters || Lipstick: MAC- Kinda Sexy}

Our dog of 13 years, Cheezy, passed away a few months back and with our hearts broken, Michael and I had decided not to get another dog. One day while doing my daily chocolate run at work, right after lunch (if you follow me on snapchat @afancyaffair, you would know that this is in fact, is a daily thing…) I ran into a friend and she offered me a dog. Obviously, I said no right away, but out of curiosity, I asked to see a picture of the dog she was selling and that was it! It was love at first sight! I called Michael right away and even though took me all day to convinced him, he finally caved in and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. So, proudly I introduce you to the newest member of the “Tur” family, Penelope. Penelope or as my nieces like to call her “Fancy P”, is the cutest little walking bear… Cheezy (our beagle) was full of life; the wildest child I think I will ever have, will always remain in our hearts as she accompanied us through our first decade of marriage and experienced many unforgettable memories. But now, Penelope will enjoy a new journey, a new time in our lives and we are so happy. She fits right in and has been going everywhere with us. Confession time, Penelope had no name for a full day and after going back and forth with many ideas, Penelope Tur is what fit her best!! Thank you all who gave us great suggestions on Instagram (many recommended Chloe and Bella, not knowing that they are names of my nieces, and as much as we loved the ideas, there are already two personalities in our family with those beautiful names).

Oh, Cheezy was a beagle and a rescued dog and Penelope is a 12 weeks old teacup Yorkie and only weighs 1.5 pounds. Both breeds are so different and we are definitely learning a lot with this new one. Teacup Yorkshire (Yorkie) Terriers are so delicate, so sensitive and a handful…. LOL! Our little sassy, kissing machine, Penelope, has kept us up all night numerous of times already and she has had a few episodes of reactions to certain things that has freaked us out. I would love to share. Let me know on the comments below if you are interested in a doggie update or how we are doing certain things. Also, leave me any tips you may have with this breed, we are so curious on how to improve Penelope’s life.

Stay chic!

PS: This crop top and sandals have both been on repeat on here and here and in my life!


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