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Miami fashion and lifestyle blogger amanda tur from a fancy affair takes the new toyota corolla 2016 in blue out for a spin through the streets of miami with her tea cup yorkie and husband and stops to have a picnic in keybiscayne florida beach

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Hello there!

It’s that kind of summer! M and I have packed our bags and gone on a few getaways these past few weeks, with family and friends and the airplane trips haven’t stopped (stay tuned for my vacation diary to Chicago, San Fran, Napa and Bimini… Some of the pictures are drop dead gorgeous!). I love disconnecting and going on adventures, exploring new cities and allowing it to inspire me, but I also love to be in bed cuddling. Anyone else feel that way? What I love even more is to go on romantic day dates and get dolled up for date nights! M and I go on weekly dates, religiously. It’s much needed with our hectic lives and I truly cherish those quiet moments with him. Our new pooch, Penelope, has recently joined us. I’m sure you’ve noticed that we take her everywhere. She’s so sweet and we are having a blast with her. So, for a few weeks M and I have been planning a sunrise picnic and this blue Corolla took us on that perfect, much needed ride!

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We packed up our Toyota Corolla and went for a cruise to Key Biscayne beach, where you can park the car right on the sand. So cool! There are not that many places in Miami that allow you to bring the party on the sand.

IMG_1245 IMG_1231 IMG_1229

Since it was an early date, I made overnight oats with blueberries and cheated a little by picking up some hot joe and donuts from the donut shop on our way. This made for a delish breakfast (wink, wink).
IMG_1088 IMG_1082 IMG_1192

I wore this very lady like dress that I picked up during a trip to the mall at the Gap store, on sale.  May I add that it was only $20 dollars? YAS, total score! I literally topped it off with my boat hat from urban outfitters, also seen on here.

We drove through the city in this sleek ride with our windows down, sun roof open and wind blowing, while jamming to our favorite songs.


Miami is such a beautiful city and the sky line is breathtaking. 
IMG_0978 IMG_0993
IMG_1021 IMG_1032

The sky was such a beautiful cotton candy color, and as the sun started to shine through the clouds, we instantly felt the warmer temps peek through. IMG_1034 IMG_1072 IMG_1079 IMG_1100 IMG_1151 IMG_1211 IMG_1216 IMG_1229 IMG_1250 IMG_1269 IMG_1272 IMG_1288 IMG_1304 IMG_1356 IMG_1374

Moments like these are unforgettable! The ones that will reside in your mind and heart forever, and that’s what I love most about dates with M. These moments are the ones that I catch myself day dreaming about during a hectic week and longing for that alone time with him. We have been married for over 13 years now and having set a weekly date time, I think is KEY to a healthy marriage. These quiet nights encourage you to communicate and have those long talks, sometimes about nothing, but sometimes it can get pretty intense with deep convos that will strengthen your marriage and your partnership.

Thanks to 22Square and “Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC (“Toyota”) for providing me with compensation and use of a Corolla for a short period of time. The opinions I have shared about this vehicle are my very own”

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