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Last weekend, I spent my Saturday hanging out at the Koko & Palenki Aventura store with Adriana, the Alepel brand shoe designer. What a nice, humble, BEAUTIFUL  and sweet soul she is, who is expecting her first born in less than 2 months. She looks amazing, right? The trunk show was a preview of her 2nd collection for this fall and winter. Adriana is an architect and has curated a very detailed and gorgeous shoe collection with your foot in mind. Her trademark and special personal touch is the line that follows from the back of the heels to the tip of the sole. This rubber line will never fade and you will always spot the line along the way.

No matter where they take you, or where you go,  that line is set to stay. I must say that I really dig it! These are my favorites from the new collection.

Alepel’s entire line is available at all three Koko & Palenki locations (Aventura Mall, Dadeland Mall and Village of Merrick Park) and on their website. Make sure to stop by and try them on during your next visit to the mall. Once you try them on I highly doubt that you will leave the store without them. You’ve been warned. They are trendy, great quality, extremely comfortable and have I said trendy?! They are all designed with an architect’s point of view, with very sharp and clean lines to exude a woman’s sex appeal. And who doesn’t want to look sexy from head to toe!?

Thanks for stopping by and till next time!

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