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I recently shared on my Instagram the struggle and love-hate relationship I had with my new apartment. I believe home is where the heart is, of course! But, it also has to be a place that you love and enjoy going back to. It took me a while to see my house as my new home. Here’s a fun fact about me: I am a home body! My husband makes fun of me because if I don’t have any events on the calendar I will spend my entire weekend (happily) in bed and organizing my rooms. I will light up candles, have music playing or TV in the background and lounge around the house in my pj’s, drinking endless cups of tea and obsessing over the view. In the first few months, I hated being in there so I decided to face the fact that this was going to be my new house and started to decorate each corner by adding quality pieces that I loved. I did all of this in hopes that If I fell in love with little areas in the house, eventually I would love the entire place. Good news! I love my new home. I felt so guilty at first because everyone would walk in and admire the view and go on about how they loved my place and yet, I couldn’t see it.  So recently when I was invited to attend the grand re-opening of the newly renovated Baker show room, I was there. Why? Because they know their stuff! They are also under the same branding as Kohler- the creators of the most innovative faucets, toilets and much more in the market today.

I loved attending the new showroom. It is absolutely gorgeous, spacious, airy and filled with beautiful pieces. The variety of décor styles to compliment everyone’s desires is a huge plus in my book because when shopping for your home, you want to be able to see it all under one roof.


Isn’t this loft dreamy? Love how all the pieces come together.

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The Baker show room is your one-stop-shop. My favorite part of it all is that they work with different collaborators to create different stylish collections and always bringing  fresh eye to create something new. The newest collaborator is Kara Mann who designed the gorgeous Milling Road collection.

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OH EM GEE! The way she created each piece so that it’s infused with fashion is magnificent. I loved the marble coffee table which we all know is super on trend these days (first image).


I also had the honor of meeting Thomas Pheasant an award winning designer who is now working on his fourth collection in collaboration with Baker. May I add that Thomas is so humble and approachable, which made it so much easier to get the inside scoop on what inspired him for this collection and which pieces are his favorite, which happened to be my favorite piece form his collection as well- This gorgeous intricate brass coffee table fits perfectly above an ottoman- Wouldn’t this piece be perfect in my apartment? It’s compact enough to fit in my place, but also convenient to pull out when extra seating is needed.


The athens chair is one of Thomas favorite piece from his latest collection.

IMG_5583 a fancy affair, amanda tur signature, a fancy affair blog, heart of gold

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