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Hello dear friends!

I still can’t believe the holidays are already upon us. WOW!

I’m so thankful for good food, good friends and good drinks!

“Friendsgiving” has been a tradition with my dear friends for over 7 years now. It’s that one time a year that we all gather at someone’s home and eat a good homemade meal celebrating our friendships, our accomplishments and just another reason to gather and pig out together. This year was my turn to host it at my house, so obvi I had to go all out, with a twist and with the help of Veuve Clicquot Rich, of course. It was very #RichandFancy ya’ll! We only served Clicquot Rich champs and the décor was luxe inspired by the fabulous silver and gold Rich bottle.

I wanted a formal and  festive long family style table where everyone shared the same conversation and I must say, it was a success. I added the faux fur to cozy up the room and make the guests feel more at home.

Since I opted for silver sequence linens, I wanted the place settings to stand out so I added all gold elements and placed some of the thyme which is one of the ingredients on the plates for a soft touch. How romantic do the candles look? I love candles and use them any chance I get! It just sets the mood.

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My main goal for this event was to ensure that everyone had a great time, a full belly and drank delicious champagne (which was flowing all night!). I set up two bars with various fresh ingredients including pomegranate, thyme, peppers, cucumbers, grapefruit, and basil to allow everyone to taste the endless options Rich has to offer. The night top pick was the pomegranate with thyme- that bar was hot! That’s the true reason why I love the idea of mixing champagne with fresh ingredients because your options are never ending and it suits every occasion, every party, every season and everyone’s palate! Next week I will be sharing how to recreate these amazing drinks at home- I’m passing on the baton and will make Clicquologists out of you! Trust me, it’s so simple and easy so be ready to be mind blown.


I sent al attendees e-vites through Paperless post. It does have a cost, but they are so delicate and fancy, (and earth-friendly). I highly recommend them!

All guests were encouraged to use #ClicquotRich and #RichandFancy on social media so hop on over to these hastags to see more and don’t forget to check out my ambassadorship page with Clicquot Rich for more pics.

Tis the season to be thankful, happy and surrounded by loved ones. So thank you all for always reading my posts, for all the support and love! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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