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{Dress: Harper Trends || Booties: Vince Camuto || Bag: Gucci || Jacket: Similar}

Oh my gosh you guys! I’m so excited to share with you the newest adventure I went on with Celebrity Infinity’s Cruise lines and it was all caught on video (yay! to #vlogmas). The ship we toured has been newly remodeled with a gorgeous makeover and gosh, it’s beautiful. While on the tour, some of the people entering the ship were going on a 13 day voyage and I was planning on hiding out the entire time. No one would miss me if I was gone for 13 days, right?  Ha ha… When we asked the tour guide what makes Celebrity different than all of the other cruise lines, they said, “Celebrity Cruise Lines is famous for the grand cuisine,” and isn’t he right? They make their pasta from scratch right there on the ship. AHMAZING, huh? We were able to sample it and it truly was delish! It’s hard to find restaurants that make homemade pasta, can you imagine being on a cruise and having that for dinner every night? Sounds heavenly. Sign me up! I would love cruise with them in the near future. I wore this gorgeous Harper Trends dress and it was perfect for the occasion. Flowy at the bottom and gorgeously cinched at the waistline with the most stunning print. Oh and my favorite part was the neckline which is hardly seen here since it was a rainy day. I opted for my black leather jacket and open toe booties to give a bit more of a fall edgy look. Check out Harper Trends for amazing deals and gorgeous clothes. I highly recommend!

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