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Hey all,

For those of you that don’t follow me on YouTube or other social media platforms, I recently joined in on the vlogmas bandwagon. This is basically a vlog a day from December 1st through the 25th. I’ve received emails from some readers that wish I would continue past Christmas, but I’m thinking of wrapping it up on Christmas day. I’ve been devoting a bit more time to that platform just because it’s a little more time consuming. Anyway, I wanted to keep you all on the loop and share some good news on here, so for the next few posts I will reference back on vlogs so you can see what I’m talking about, and let me warn you already I have a few “first time” experiences to share.

First up, I went to my first permanent laser hair removal appointment and “OH EM GEE”… I was truly freaking out before going and was mind blown at how easy and painless it was, and how comfortable I was during the process. I think that most people have a negative perception of laser hair removal because they tried it when the technology wasn’t fully developed to where it is now. Derma Clinic is in Midtown area and not only do they have the cutest office EVER, (see pics above) and state of the art equipment, but they use a new technology called the Soprano Ice which allows you to lay back, relax and do vlogs. Lol…. For the month of December, they are currently running a great promotion, (see below) and if you decide to get beach ready with me, make sure to mention that “A Fancy Affair” sent you to receive one free session #yourewelcome


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