{ holiday look with Veuve Clicquot Rich }

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Hey friends, happy Wednesday!

This time of year is the most exciting time of all. The gorgeous decor, shiny lights, pretty dinners and all the time shared with my loved ones, makes me one happy gal! December is a big month for me because it happens to be the birthday month of my amazing husband and younger sister- AnnyStella, so being a weekend hostess is my priority. This means, I need to have easy, pretty and festive outfits picked out and ready to go. This beautiful and intricate Alexis dress is perfect for hosting events. It’s chic, feminine, cheerful and a little sultry with all the open lace details. I can’t wait to wear it again! This color is perfection. I paired it with a few, more edgy Henri Bendel pieces, and of course, with my oh, so sexy “So Kate” pumps. While running around to get my house ready for the “Friendsgiving party” (seen here) I hosted last week, I made a quick pitstop at my favorite Blo Bar inside Village of Merrick Park, Coral Gables. I promise you, I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. They are the bomb and my hair lasted all night. I decided to try one of the three new hairstyles and went for something more old hollywood glam. Do you like it?
Friends, don’t forget to follow me along my instagram account for chances to win amazing gifts all month long! I’m so excited to be hosting 25+ giveaways for you. Thanks again for all the love and support and wishing you all luck.

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