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{Vest: Old Navy || Sweater: Old Navy || Scarf: Old Navy || Christmas Tree Ornaments: Sugar Paper-ribbon 1ribbon 2ornament 1ornament 2, ia Target}


Tis the happiest season of all! I love this time of year to sit at home, be cozy, enjoy good drinks, warp gifts and enjoy family time!

If you have been watching my vlogs on my YouTube channel, you know what a dilemma we’ve had with our Christmas tree this year, but it’s finally up!! Better late than never right?! Every year we purchase a real Christmas tree and go with a different theme. This year we stepped out of our comfort zones with a faux white tree adorned with black, white and gold ornaments and we are so glad we did! Cute huh?! It matches better with our place and décor and is so much easier to set up and dismantle when you live in an apartment building (only apartment residents understand the struggle! lol…). This is also #FancyP ‘s first Christmas with us (can you spot Cheezie- our late beagle on our tree?) . We are so happy so obvs. we had to document it. Of course, setting up a tree means being cozy and cute with Old Navy (up to 60% off entire site!). I’ve been really enjoying shopping at Old Navy lately, (remember this post?) especially the Pop Preppy collection. I must confess that I truly enjoyed the black Friday sales they had! I scored many items including this gorgeous scarf for only $10 bucks! I ended up picking up two; one for me and one for you, which you can score during today’s Instagram giveaway Have you entered any? Don’t forget, I will be gifting items throughout the entire month as a token of appreciation to all of you! I adore you guys and appreciate the constant love and support!


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