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I don’t want to jinx myself here, but my skin is glowing right now and I must share why! I finally have a skin regimen down packed and it would be totally selfish of me not to share! I’m ready to take you into my bathroom, take off my make-up, and get up close and personal with you all! Excited yet?! I’ve had my fair share of skin issues, breakouts, stains, marks and have tried so many different things to fix it. First thing I’ve noticed that changed my skin drastically was and is my daily intake. Poor drinking habits, lack of sleep and lack of time spent on my skin regimen really shows. Prior to taking you step by step, let’s go back to my skin type. I have very dry and super sensitive skin, so obvi, drinking water is a must for me! I feel different when I do. My skin looks different, hair, nails and I feel healthier. I eat less junk throughout the day! I mean chocolate when I say junk and overall feel amazing by adding water. If I want to spice things up, I infuse my water with lemon or other fruit and a scoop of chia seeds.  Remember the more hydrated your skin is, the less wrinkly it is and gets. Eye creams and I are biffles! Once I get home, I constantly apply eye creams. It’s a must for me! My makeup goes on smoother and skin looks healthier.

Next up-Cleaning!

The OXY 28 day challenge is a trusty system I use when my skin is being rebellious and acts up or when it’s that time of the month. Yes, they say you shouldn’t swap products, but if you keep them in rotation, your skin gets used to it and adapts to the products. I don’t use this system everyday on my skin because it is extremely powerful and a bit too strong for daily use when my skin is doing well! I can go on for maybe 2-3 weeks without breakout, but then all of a sudden ill have 2-3 weeks of operation “clear the skin”. I do see these changes mostly when I’m stressed out, when I’m testing out too many beauty products or after a week of poor eating habits and hormonal changes. Not cute! If you are anything like me and go through the same rhythms as I do, you know how frustrating this can be! Ugh….

“Operation Clear Skin” goes like this! I take this stuff serious, can you tell? Lol…

Step 1: I cleanse my face morning and night with the OXY Rapid Treatment Face Wash Maximum Action. This stuff is legit! Kills acne bacteria and really cleans out your pores leaving your face silky clean and smooth. Boosts skin cell renewal for fresh and bright skin.


Step 2: I use OXY Rapid treatment 3-in-1 pads. Truth be told, I was always so afraid of using these pads, because when I first tried a similar one in high school, it dried my face so much that it left me scared of using it again. These not so much! They slide so well on your skin and you really feel like it’s drying out the break out without over drying your skin. It’s superb! These pads controls oil to prevent future breakouts and retexture your skin for a smoother complexion.


Step: 3: I follow my usual face cream process and apply my face serum and moisturizer, avoiding the open breakouts. I then use the OXY Rapid Spot Treatment to treat the spots that are active or in the process of drying to really encourage the rapid clearing of my skin. This little guy has 10% benzoyl peroxide which is amazing to treat a new comer because it reduces redness in just four hours. Amazing, huh?


These simple and effective additional steps are critical to my face regimen if I want clear skin quick. In the morning, I only cleanse my face with the face wash and use the spot treatment to tackle those problem areas that are suffering prior to applying makeup. The 28 day challenge is a dermatologist approved acne treatment that can be conveniently picked up at any local pharmacy, and has changed my skin. I love it and swear by it! A must have if you have similar skin issues like moi! I would also recommend to any teenager that is going through those painful teenage years and needs to give their skin a little TLC. You can download an app on your phone that will send you reminders, tips and keep you on track- so techy and cool, right?

When my face is behaving and glowing I still use the cleanser and every so often use the pads at night. 

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Thanks to Oxy for sponsoring this blog post.

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