{ 5 Tips on How to Master the Lingerie Cami Trend }

amanda tur from a fancy affair blog, miami top fashion blogger wearing a blush cami lingerie trend from banana republic with adidas sam smith tennis shoes and deco 20mm michele watch and denim distressed jacket with nude choker

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{Dress: Banana Republic || Shoes: Adidas via Nordstrom || Denim Jacket: Oldie (similar) || Chocker: Fancy Boutique || Michele Watch: Nordstrom || Michele Band: Nordstrom}


Don’t mean to sound old, but the 90’s decade were some good ol’ days! The days I had no money, no worries and no problems! lol… but really, those days were all about having fun. That was my only goal for the weekend. What I was going to wear and what I was going to do, which house party we were going to spend our Friday and Saturday night at. During that time, which was my maturing time and teenager days, I feel like I got to know who I really was growing up to be, meaning my personality was being molded. It’s when I started to figure out who I was, what moved me, what type of personality I had, and how I made decisions. I think we are always evolving and finding ourselves, but the 90’s was a decade that I was so carefree! All I wanted to do was have as much fun as possible and that meant going out, trying out new places, sleepovers and going out with my friends wearing skorts (remember those?), Adidas and which band tee I was going to steal from my older sister. Now fast forward 20 years later and we are having a nostalgic 90’s era again!  I love that we can still wear the trends I wore as a teen and feel cool about it. A trend that I’ve been loving so much is wearing the chokers and lingerie dresses with sneakers combo. I love the feminine x street fashion vibes. It’s also no secret that I love shopping at Banana Republic so when I walked into the store and saw this dress, I instantly created this look in my head and taking it home with me was a must! So if sleepwear as day and night wear terrifies you, yet you want to jump on the trend, here are 5 tips on how to master the look:
1. Take baby steps and rock this sexy feminine look with a moto, denim or leather jacket and/or even a vest so only small pieces of the silk and lace details peek through. (How I’m wearing it here!)
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2. Wear a lacey trimmed cami, bralette or even a dress  on top of a basic tee.
3. Want to skip the tee, then rock the cami trend tucked into a high waist trouser or a high waist skirt, so you’re only showing off a small portion of your body. So sexy!
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 4. Pair your oh, so feminine sexy chic look with booties or tennis shoes for edgier street fashion vibes.
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5. Feeling ballsy? Then pair the entire look with simple strappy heels.
If you dare to bare this look, make sure to tag me so I can see how you add your own spin on this trend.
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