{ Embroider Bomber }


{Bomber Jacket: JCPenney || Denim: TopShop || Sunnies: Diff || Cap: Fancy Boutique || Necklace: Gorjana || Sneakers: Nike via JC Penney}

My lifestyle has changed so much these last couple of weeks, which I will be sharing the why with you all very soon. Let’s just say I ditched the business wear to a more laid back, trendy, casual look and I’m not mad about it!! I’ve really enjoyed creating fun basic looks that work well with my lifestyle in the now. Just the idea that I don’t have to shop for two different types wardrobes is great. Have you ever been shopping and seen cute things for both work and outerwear, but had to decide between work attire and party wear? Well, let’s just say I don’t miss that at ALL! The look I’m wearing on today’s post is something that I’ve been rocking a lot lately. Either jeans, basic tee’s, crop tops, sweaters, booties or sneakers, are all  a part of my daily uniform and this particular JCPenney embroidered bomber jacket has been thrown on top of pretty much every look. The embroidered floral patten makes it very chic and feminine which you all know that I love. For today’s post, I’ve partnered with JCPenney to bring you trendy look at a great price. While shopping at JCPenney.com, I was also swooning over this top, this top, and this one too. Not only has the bomber jacket trend been hot and heavy lately, but the embroidered bomber jacket is where it’s at and I’m totally loving it.

What’s your daily uniform like? I would love to hear from you, so let me know in the comments below.

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