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{Entire look by Reebok – Studio Urban Instinct Tights || Dance Strappy Bra || Hayasu Sneakers || Quik Cotton Training Vest}

Hey friends!

The holidays are soon approaching and as I’ve shared in the past, I hate dieting and would rather eat everything now, work out later. However, this always changes a bit for me during this time of year when I flip the script. I try to prep my step for the holiday season by monitoring a bit more my food intake now, so I can indulge on my mom’s food for the holidays and still feel good about myself. I must confess though, I don’t have very good self control so I kind of try eating everything in moderation and switch carbs for veggies. But all rules goes out the window when you put chocolate in front of me. I get out of control… Don’t judge, I just really enjoy sweets and chocolate is my fave. so applying these tricks and working out 3-5 times a week is the perfect week for me! What do I do when I’m exhausted and don’t want to work out? I pull out the cutest activewear I have. There’s nothing more motivating and encouraging to me than to work out in cute clothes. Stylish and practical activewear is hard to find. But all that has changed since Reebok recently came out with a new fall collection of lux activewear. It’s where fashion and function collide in the most beautiful way. Reebok is taking the new stylish activewear towards empowering women with their #PerfectNever campaign. This campaign is all about loving and accepting yourself for who you are. Yes! Fit is the new sexy, but it will never bring perfection. It will only enhance our own beauty and make us the best versions of ourselves. Gotta love real brands that care more about us than just creating cute gear. I love it!

PS. Did you catch Gigi Hadid rocking this exact same sports bra?! She looks stunning (click here to see).

Shop this look and the rest of this collection below


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