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Remember last workout post when I shared a few things I do prior to all the holiday festivities and food overdose? (Read more here.) Well, recently, I incorporated yoga classes to three days a week, and I have been able to shed a few unwanted pounds and really tone up my body a bit. These past few months, I had been slacking and doing the “see food diet” (eat everything in sight), and  I didn’t want to not enjoy the holiday season because of fear of the continuous weight gain. So, I’ve also added some workout sessions with the hubby early in the AM for the days that we are swamped with work and have previous arrangements. When I work out at the gym, I always try to do 45 minutes of fast cardio and then lift weights, concentrating on 2 muscles a day throughout the week – back and triceps or chest and biceps, and so on… By the end of the week I have done a full body workout. How do you work out? Any tips you want to share with me?! I would love to know…

By the way, how cute is my workout gear? Looking cute always motivates me to work out when I’m feeling a little tired and unmotivated. This full look is provided by Reebok. I’m digging their entire new collection as it’s also stylish. The cardio woven jacket is the perfect staple and trendy item to throw on before you get to the gym. Keeps you warm and looking fresh and we all want that, right?!

Hope you all stay motivated, feeling great and looking fresh during the holiday season.

Love you all

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