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Clear skin is my jam! I love being able to walk out of the house “au natural” when my skin is clear. I only have hormonal breakouts so when my unwanted bestie is coming to town (a.k.a. that time of the month), I keep my fingers crossed, say a prayer and hope for the best. When I have clear skin, my make-up goes on better, I feel prettier and more confident. Can I get an amen? Anyone else feel that way? It’s so unfortunate that my skin has such power over my life, but it does, and I’m being real with you all. It’s the first thing people see when they look at you, at least this is how I feel. I have now found the weapon to get ahead of these unwanted nasty little things that ruin my face at least once a month and it’s the BioClarity 3 step acne system. This is it, and it’s what I’ve been using for the last few months. I’m not going to lie, this is definitely going to add more steps to your daily skin care routine, but so worth it.
This three step system is going to be your life saver and I couldn’t keep this secret from you. BioClarity is clinically proven to soothe skin, alleviate redness, reduce pore size, and kill the bacteria that cause acne. As I get older, my breakout marks stay on my skin for so long, and so if I could do anything to prevent it, you best believe I’m going to do it. Just sign me up!
The rich, foaming facial cleanser is specifically formulated for young-adult skin and gently removes dirt, oil, and environmental pollutants. Cleanse combines mild surfactants with premium plant derived extracts, not only to clean and detoxify the skin, but also to soothe and calm. Start your morning and evening routine by massaging the cleanser into your skin in an outward circular motion. This helps to stimulate blood, oxygen, and cell renewal while clearing oil and dirt out of pores.

STEP 1 –  Cleanse

Wet your face. Squeeze a small amount of cleaner onto your fingertips and gently massage your skin to wash away dirt and oil. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

STEP 2 – Treatment

Squeeze a dime-sized amount of gel onto your fingertips. Apply a thin layer of gel to the entire affected area on your face. A little amount goes a long way. Let the gel dry before moving onto step 3.

STEP 3 –  Restore Gel

Two pumps is the right amount. Gently apply to your entire face and feel the cool, refreshing power of Floralux!
**This is my favorite part.

It is recommended to follow these 3 steps every day, twice a day, so morning and night. Me? I do it once a day, in the morning. At night I follow my regular night routine unless I notice my skin needs it twice a day. Also, if my skin is clear the entire week, then I will only use it every other morning. If i had a photoshoot and wore makeup all day, you best believe I run to put this stuff on. It’s that good, you guys!
If you try it or already tried it, please share your thoughts on the comments below.

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