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I love setting goals for myself and trying the whole30 or January detox challenge and using these sort of short goals to give me a boost. But more than that, I use these goals to motivate myself to get back to the gym and to kick start a lifestyle change. If not, sorry to break it to you, but once we are done with these challenges, they will have done nothing to us, but maybe shed a few pounds which will be gained right back once we start eating what we usually eat. I’m a true believer that more than setting goals,  you have to set for a lifestyle change. Start small. No need to starve yourself for days, but change small things that can turn into a habit. Did you know that it takes only 21 days to create a habit? So do that instead.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Maybe you enjoy eating chips with your sandwich, switch it for fruits instead.  Then move on to switching coke for water and so on.  You will see more dramatic changes in the long run. The day that you really want to eat chips, go for it, but the next day go back to fruits instead. You’re not made to be perfect, you’re made to be you #PerfectNever

I eat pretty healthy. I enjoy salads, veggies and so on. My weakness and guilty pleasure is sweets. I have such a sweet tooth and can tear down an entire chocolate cake all by myself in one sitting. When I try to cut sweets from my life completely, I can tell you that when I gave in I binged and that defeated the purpose. I’ve done that in the past and I was one cranky gal. So what I’ve learned and do now is try to control myself and when I want sweets, I’ll have them, but I work on portion control.

Another fun way to motivate myself is by wearing really cute workout gear. Reebok has released the prettiest workout gear and I’m all over it. Have you seen this outfit  (here) and this one (here)?  Dressing cute and getting my workout on at least 3 times a week gets me excited about eating and living a healthy lifestyle so I do that and I’m happy.

So today, I will share 5 tips that will help you stay motivated this year.

  1. Put it in your calendar: You know what your week is going to look like so plan ahead and set aside time to work out. Make it a priority.
  2. Dress for success: This will make your trip to the gym so much more fun. You will look foward to getting home to change into your cute active wear and get sweaty.
  3. Eat well: Once you start to see change in your body, you will see how motivated you get because you see a change in your body. if you’re working out properly and eating well, give it time and you will see the change.
  4. Stay hydrated: I find this to be the easiest and most natural way to carve my appetite. Staying hydrated as a ton of benefits for health so I try to drink a lot of liquids throughout the day. However, I push myself to drink a glass of water right before my meal. It fills me up and I eat less.
  5. Dance to your own music: Find the activity that you love. It may be boxing, kick boxing, yoga, cycling, spinning, barre… whatever activity you choose, do it fully! This will help you get active and enjoy the journey. You will look forward to getting your exercise in, plus it will also be the perfect stress reliever for you.

How do you motivate yourself?

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