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Hey friends!

Cheers to Friday!! This week has flown by and this girl couldn’t be happier about it. I have been super sick (hence the sound of my voice in this video) and I’m just wishing it was Sunday morning already so I could sleep in and get some rest. But as promised, every Friday I bring you another #FancyHairFriday tutorial and today’s tutorial is “how to achieve a super sleek straight hair”. This is the hairstyle Kim K has been rocking ever since she came back to IG. It’s so sexy and so easy to achieve. Remember, all these hairstyles are extensions friendly since I’m still wearing my HairTalk tape-in’s. Want to see the application and transformation process? Click here.

Here’s what you’ll need;

-Hair Serum to polish the look

-Hair brush

-HSI Glider Flat Iron

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