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Hey all!

Last week I mentioned on my Instastory (@afancyaffair) that I was doing some laser facial treatments at Vivid Face and received a ton of questions, so I wanted to answer some of them for you. I also had the opportunity to film the treatment because I wanted you to see how easy, simple, fast and painless the process was.

One of my new year resolutions was to care more for my skin and to be able to walk around with a fresh skin and no makeup on the daily. Years ago I would only apply lip gloss, some mascara, and call it a day and now I feel like I can’t. I have larger pores, a few marks and lots of sun spots. I want to erase some of that and dare to go bare, even though I do that from time to time, but I want to feel completely confident doing it. You know what I mean? My under eyes have increasingly gotten so dark and I look exhausted even after getting eight hours of sleep. So when the Vivid Face team reached out to me to see if I wanted to try their laser treatments, I was like, “umm, heck no”. In my mind, I was like “ain’t nobody got time to stay at home hiding from everyone with my skin peeling for days”. But then they told me it was a 15 minute procedure with no down time and my answer quickly changed to, “heck yeah!”. I have very sensitive skin and with the opening of my new boutique, I don’t have any downtime to stay home and allow my face to heal.

Vivid Face has a huge variety of procedures offered at their office and all supervised by doctors. They use combined advanced medical technology with innovative skin care treatment to deliver powerful results. The Vivid Facial treatment, which is what I did, can show results after the second treatment. However, I noticed some changes after just the first treatment and I can’t wait to go back.

If you want to erase a few years and give this treatment a try, the Vivid Face team sent the following discount code: VFA222. This offers you 50% off the first package of 3 Vivid Treatments.

Once I finish the 3 treatments I will make sure to update this post with before and after photos.

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