{ Long Summer Days }


{Dress: Fancy Boutique || Clutch: Fancy Boutique || Sandals: Steve Madden || Necklace: Gorjana || Clutch: Fancy Boutique || Jewelry: Fancy Boutique}

Hi all,

The beauty about living in Miami is that it always feels like summer. Yeah, sometimes the humidity gets the best of our hair, make-up and outfits, but I wouldn’t trade my city for anything. Ok fine, maybe for Paris, Spain or Italy, but Miami is the another city that never sleeps and has so much culture. We always refer to it as being like a melting pot. We have millions of people that come from everywhere. It’s so interesting to see how we all have different backgrounds, up-bringings, cultures and yet can all live in the same city and love it the same way. I once heard someone complain about the fact that Miami’s humidity is the worst and makes their face oily and I couldn’t help but tell them, thanks to that humidity for causing extra oil in your face because it will also keep your skin looking younger. Anyway, I love my city and going for long walks on the boardwalk in Hollywood beach is something I enjoy doing very much. Hollywood beach is a cute spot to walk around, eat delicious seafood while sipping on a yummy cocktail and watching the waves. It is such a family oriented place. People walk around here, bike, run and even skate the boardwalk when there isn’t a band or movie playing on the amphitheater.

Fun Fact about Hollywood Beach: Marley & Me was filmed right where we shot these photos. Other movies and TV shows were filmed here, but I remember watching Marley & Me and being like, “Hey! I know that place.” Where are you from? Would love to see in the comments below where my readers are from. Thank you for reading this new post and I’ll catch you on the next one.




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