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You all should know by now how serious I am about taking care of my skin. I’m always looking and trying the next best cream to keep this skin fresh and young, but one item from my skin routine that has maintained a constant is the Clarins Double Serum. I’m just always in the market to find what is going to keep this skin looking young for as long as possible and of course at a reasonable price. I’m a few weeks away from turning 33 and legit, that number freaks me out! But as long as I can live a happy, healthy life and slow down the signs of aging I will commit to it. I have been using the Clarins Double Serum since I was first introduced years ago when attending the Spring collection release back in 2014.

This magic potion in a bottle is hands down a MUST HAVE! I’ve spent a ton of money investing on skin care products and love some, and others not so much, but this one is a FAVE! If you’re anything like me and love serums and moisturizers that are extremely hydrating and show fast results, then you will love the new and improved double serum. The Clarins Double Serum just got a little facelift creating the next generation and most powerful age control concentrate ever. Sounds amazing, right? The two power packed serum smells amazing, helps prevent wrinkles, evens out skin tone and boosts radiance after only 7 days of use. The results are visible and many people are loving it. This bottle is packed with 20+ potent plant extracts including Turmeric- distinguished for its exceptional anti aging properties.

Clarins Double Serum has been recognized by every magazine and has been number one seller for quite some time now. This new and improved serum is something worth investing in. Typically serums only focus on one skin concern and this all in one bottle will take care of all your needs and stand up to its promises and won’t disappoint you.

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