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Hey friends! 

Hope you all have been having a fabulous week!

Over the past few months I’ve been on a repair, protect and regrowth hair journey, which I’ve shared on my previous post (if you haven’t had the opportunity to see it, you must! see here ). This journey started last year and it was strictly to repair my hair. I was over bleaching it, over processing it and my hair was looking very dull, dry and the amount of breakage was bad. Bad enough that it didn’t have the strength to grow past the top of my shoulders. 

I started to notice the damage around the time that I was featuring my weekly #FancyHairFriday tutorials. Do you remember that series of posts? I loved filming them, but I was exhausting my hair. I wasn’t using the right products or tools to protect the life of my hair and even when I did use the right products, the constant heat styling – curling wands, curling iron and flat iron was just too much for my fine and thin hair. So at that point I decided to stop everything and started “operation get fancy hair back!” Which meant to let my hair grow and use minimal to no heat tools and minimize the heat styling. I did notice small changes to my hair, but it was such a slow process. I immediately noticed a change on my roots as the new hair grew, but my ends looked awful, so dead which led to more breakage and no growth at all. It was a complete stand still. Obviously, my hair is growing because my roots are getting darker and longer, but the actual ends were breaking off to a point that it wouldn’t grow past my shoulders. So, fed up Amanda decided to just get aggressive and find something in the market that didn’t require me to take any pills. I was looking for something that would show quick results, but nothing invasive. I was introduced to the Keranique Hair Regrowth system. In all honesty I expected to notice a difference, but not as good as I have and as fast as I have now. First off, I thought that the shampoo and conditioner were going to smell like medicine. I was wrong, secondly, I thought the Scalp revitalizing shampoo, Revitalizing Keratin conditioner and the Minoxidil Topical Solution was going to be way too much products on my hair and was going to leave it feeling heavy and dull. I was wrong again. I can wash my hair using the entire Keranique Hair Regrowth system and drag out the blow dry up to 4 days. Yes, 4 days! Obviously, this is if I don’t work out or sweat.

As I’ve mentioned on my last blog post (here) , it’s such an easy system to use that I couldn’t pass it. I was in desperate need for something good, with great results, inexpensive and noninvasive so when I found Keranique I was determined to put it to test! (You can read all about the system and its benefits on here).

So here I am, almost 2 months in and I am loving it! I see results and that was so important to me. What I love the most is that I didn’t have to add extra time to my hair routine. It’s simple, easy to use and I highly recommend it. After 2 months of use, I noticed that my hair grew about 1 inch and a little more. On today’s  post, I wanted to give you a quick update on my journey and I’m not going to lie, I cant wait to see the results after 3 months of use. I’m excited to get this hair back to its fancy state.

I wash my hair every Sunday and give it a nice blow dry so it could last me at least 2 to 3 days. The 3rd or 4th day, depending how oily it is, I will either add some curls or do a fun braid. For today’s post I wanted to show you a quick hair style that I have been wearing and it has easily become my favorite. I hope you enjoy this quick tutorial and if you decide to wear your hair like this, send me a pic 🙂 I would love to see it.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll catch you on my next post!

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