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The Pete’s, Sean’s, Ricky’s and Malcolm’s may come and go, but your friends, if they are good ones- they stick around forever so keep ’em. So scratch all the exes, it’s next like contestants and invest in your girlfriends! Can you guess which song I’m obsessed with as of lately? Ariana Grande’s new friendship anthem “7 rings”. If you read my latest blog post, (Been through some bad sh!t, I should be a sad bitch) I couldn’t have done this last life season of my life without my sisters and girlfriends so a Galentine’s date with the besties is a must this year! Any guesses on what I’m giving them? A ring, duh! It’s a very trendy way to show my appreciation and love for each one of them. So for this outing I’m going for a very feminine romantic look. Red lips are a must. I’m wearing this one from Bite in Gazpacho. It’s been a strong fave of mine for a minute now. This dress is on major sale at Nordstrom and wearing pink for a GNO was a must. Lastly, I recently upgraded my high school denim jacket for this classic fit Levis. I have various denim jackets, with different fits, some embroidered, some with pearls, but my closet was screaming for a classic fit one and this was the one that won my heart and I’m so glad I got it. Its a classic, staple and must have. Kinda mad that I didn’t upgrade it sooner.

What are you up to this Valentine’s day? Is it a girl’s night out or a romantic evening with your love? Let me know!


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