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Hey friends!

Have you ever been stuck in a place or space in life and looked up and asked God, “When is this season going to be over?” or, “Where is the light at the end of this tunnel?” I usually don’t get too personal on here and not because I don’t want to let you in my life, but because when I visit blogs, it’s usually to surf the web and look at pretty things. I also want this creative space and platform to be a place where you visit and get inspired. But lately I’ve been itching to share more about what is motivating me just because it may also help some of you. Whether you’re dealing with a past relationship, past disappointments, death or any other heartache, I hope this post motivates you to look up and dream again. Read More…

{ SpaTober in the Palm Beaches }

Hey friends!

I recently had one heck of a spa day at the Cosmo and Company Salon and Spa in celebration of SpaTober in the Palm Beaches. I was in need of a GDD (girl’s day date). I’m the type of girl that will say yes to everything, and try not to leave anything for tomorrow that can be done today. However, there’s just so many hours in one day and sometimes I exhaust myself. Read More…

{ Emerald Green for Fall }

Jewel tones always excites me when they return for Fall. But a color that I’m really digging as of lately is the Emerald green. It’s so rich and luxe especially when paired with gold or rose gold accesories. When I received this rose gold necklace from Kendra Scott fall collection, I immediately paired it with this look. It was the match perfect match. Warning! This color is going to be all over A Fancy Affair. I didn’t make it to NYFW this year, but seeing the recap photos shared by influencers, this was also a hot color during the Oscar de la Renta show and a way that it inspired me to style it was by playing with a variety of textures. Clearly, its not what I did here, but its definitely a way I see myself doing it for fall. I found this one piece culotte jumpsuit at the H&M Aventura Mall. Have I told you how I love to shop at Aventura Mall? It’s the perfect place to shop because they have all the stores I love under one roof.. It’s a go to mall for me, its massive mall with every store you can possibly think off, under one roof from luxury to department stores.

What are some trends you’re going to try for fall this year? Any I should know? Read More…

{ Green Leaves }


Hi friends! Owning my own boutique has millions of perks, but one of the best ones is seeing what the market wants and is on the hunt for. I’m coming up on my 1 year anniversary since I opened my boutique and I’ve learned so much. Call it cliche, but, “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”. I can’t believe we are going on 1 year since we’ve opened, but I’m  so ecstatic to see my dream not only come to fruition, but grow. I’m so honored and thankful. Now back to a perk is seeing how trends happen. Anytime I placed an item with the tropical or palm print on the racks, the number of requests and sales that followed was incredible. It’s a fan favorite and I’m not mad about it. It’s so gorge and I truly believe that everyone needs it in their closet. I’ve been obsessed with this print since a few years back and always try to add it sometime during summer. Remember this look from summer of 2015 (see full post here)?


Penelope was a baby when shooting those photos. Oh, how time flies. Did you rock this print this summer? My favorite part about this dress is  the low back. It had me at hello. It has so much sex appeal. I’m such a sucker for open backs. These photos were shot in Hollywood beach while staying there for the weekend for a staycation. I love this place. What is your go to place not far from home that you enjoy getting away to? Share on the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll catch you on my next post.

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{ Long Summer Days }

{Dress: Fancy Boutique || Clutch: Fancy Boutique || Sandals: Steve Madden || Necklace: Gorjana || Clutch: Fancy Boutique || Jewelry: Fancy Boutique}

Hi all,

The beauty about living in Miami is that it always feels like summer. Yeah, sometimes the humidity gets the best of our hair, make-up and outfits, but I wouldn’t trade my city for anything. Ok fine, maybe for Paris, Spain or Italy, but Miami is the another city that never sleeps and has so much culture. We always refer to it as being like a melting pot. We have millions of people that come from everywhere. It’s so interesting to see how we all have different backgrounds, up-bringings, cultures and yet can all live in the same city and love it the same way. I once heard someone complain about the fact that Miami’s humidity is the worst and makes their face oily and I couldn’t help but tell them, thanks to that humidity for causing extra oil in your face because it will also keep your skin looking younger. Anyway, I love my city and going for long walks on the boardwalk in Hollywood beach is something I enjoy doing very much. Hollywood beach is a cute spot to walk around, eat delicious seafood while sipping on a yummy cocktail and watching the waves. It is such a family oriented place. People walk around here, bike, run and even skate the boardwalk when there isn’t a band or movie playing on the amphitheater.

Fun Fact about Hollywood Beach: Marley & Me was filmed right where we shot these photos. Other movies and TV shows were filmed here, but I remember watching Marley & Me and being like, “Hey! I know that place.” Where are you from? Would love to see in the comments below where my readers are from. Thank you for reading this new post and I’ll catch you on the next one. Read More…

{ The Next Generation Serum }

You all should know by now how serious I am about taking care of my skin. I’m always looking and trying the next best cream to keep this skin fresh and young, but one item from my skin routine that has maintained a constant is the Clarins Double Serum. I’m just always in the market to find what is going to keep this skin looking young for as long as possible and of course at a reasonable price. I’m a few weeks away from turning 33 and legit, that number freaks me out! But as long as I can live a happy, healthy life and slow down the signs of aging I will commit to it. I have been using the Clarins Double Serum since I was first introduced years ago when attending the Spring collection release back in 2014. Read More…

{ Denim on the Edge }

[Photography: Vanessa + Johnny]

{Distressed Denim || Top || Bag || Earrings || Watch || Necklace || Cuff || Sunnies }

Hello, hello fancy friends!

Recently, I met up with my photographer, Vanessa, around the Hollywood area and OH EM GEE! What a cute little town to go hangout. We usually meet at a coffee shop (but first, coffee, Duh!) to discuss projects, collaborations, life and exchange ideas prior to shooting outfits and then the fun starts! We let our creative juices just pour out over our poses and photos. I’m not easy to shoot because I am so shy, but Vanessa on the other hand makes it so easy for me. She is so quick and creative, she just gets me you guys! I believe behind every blogger or influencer there’s an amazing photographer and that’s Vanessa! She is the bomb.com. Really! I truly love working with her and if you guys are ever in need of a photographer + videographer for whatever special occasion and life moment that you want to capture, she’s your girl! And it gets better. Her husband is also a videographer and they are the epitome of power couple with the cutest little boy, Foxy. #CoupleGoal. Vanessa is probably going to kill me for posting this, but legit! She’s an amazing human with such a humble, calm, gentle and good heart with an eye to capture the best moments. I couldn’t do what I do without her!

So we hung out for a bit as we walked around Hollywood, and of course, we had to play a game of jenga at the end and have a little bit of fun to celebrate our shoot day. Of course, I won! j/k… she beat me, and that’s why I didn’t post the last pic. lol! You know how that goes, if it’s not on social media (or blog) it didn’t happen. lol…

Anyway, for this outing I wore this really cute and easy crop top I picked up at Tobi and paired it with my newest fave high rise distressed denim. They give you instant abs and I love it. Of course, the final touches had to be a fun pair of heels and bag.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and checking out my blog post.

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