{ SpaTober in the Palm Beaches }

Hey friends!

I recently had one heck of a spa day at the Cosmo and Company Salon and Spa in celebration of SpaTober in the Palm Beaches. I was in need of a GDD (girl’s day date). I’m the type of girl that will say yes to everything, and try not to leave anything for tomorrow that can be done today. However, there’s just so many hours in one day and sometimes I exhaust myself. Read More…

{ The Next Generation Serum }

You all should know by now how serious I am about taking care of my skin. I’m always looking and trying the next best cream to keep this skin fresh and young, but one item from my skin routine that has maintained a constant is the Clarins Double Serum. I’m just always in the market to find what is going to keep this skin looking young for as long as possible and of course at a reasonable price. I’m a few weeks away from turning 33 and legit, that number freaks me out! But as long as I can live a happy, healthy life and slow down the signs of aging I will commit to it. I have been using the Clarins Double Serum since I was first introduced years ago when attending the Spring collection release back in 2014. Read More…

{ Same Bandana, 3 Ways || #FancyHairFriday }




Happy Friday sweet friends!

Today’s #FancyHairFriday tutorial is in honor of 4th of July! So bring out your cute bandanas or headbands and lets get this party started! I created three hair styles for all of those traveling rocking the salty hair and mermaid locks! Which one is your favorite hair style? Leave it in the comments below.

I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial. Thanks for watching.

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{ Messy Twist Ponytail #FancyHairFriday }

Happy Friday sweet friends!

For today’s #FancyHairFriday I have created this messy twist ponytail. This is a perfect go-to hairstyle for those days your hair is a little dirty, but either you don’t have the time to wash or going to the beach and pool. I sprayed a little bit of Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo and Voila!  Read More…

{ Everyday Bold Lip & Wing Liner Makeup || Clarins 3 Dot Liner }

Hey all!

You know those days that you just don’t feel like putting make up on, but want to feel put together? Well I have those days very often, especially to go to work. I take a ton of pictures daily, either for the blog or for the boutique, so looking put together is a MUST. For those days I like to focus on my skin, making sure it looks healthy and very glowy. Once I get the skin looking fabulous, I focus on the eyes and the lips. I add a simple winged eyeliner and bold lips. This is such an easy makeup look andgets all the compliments. Truth be told, I wasn’t good at doing a winged eyeliner, that is, until I met my match made in heaven – The Clarins 3 Dot liner. Oh Em Gee you guys! Read More…

{ #FancyHairFriday || PULL THROUGH BRAID }

Hey friends!

I had so many issues with uploading my video this past Friday that It’s now going live today!

Sorry about that, but this weeks #FancyHairFriday tutorial is a very fun pull through braid and guess what? It’s super easy to recreate. The following tools is what you need to achieve this look. Hope you like it! I also used the Madison Reed root touch up palette an love this stuff. Make sure to watch till the end to see how to apply.

Thanks for watching and please make sure to subscribe to my #YouTube channel.


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{ My Hair Routine }

Hello there, friends!

Today’s post is all about taming the mane and giving some major TLC to the first thing people see when they you, your hair! Having healthy hair is really important because, let’s be honest, messy hair is cute, but there’s no excuse for unhealthy hair. With all the products out there and the best invention yet, the dry shampoo, dirty hair is, as Fergie says, so 2000 and late. Today I’m getting a little intimate and taking you to the shower with me to show you my hair routine. I wash my hair two times a week, and use the Hair Food Dry Shampoo in between washes, especially because I work out.

Here’s what a typical wash my hair day looks like in my home. I try to wash it in the morning, so I have plenty of time to let it air dry. I jump in the shower, wash with Hair Food Color Protect Shampoo twice and once with the Hair Food Color Protect Conditioner. I leave the conditioner in my hair for a few minutes and take my time shaving and then I rinse. Once I get out of the shower, I towel-dry my hair, apply some leave in conditioner and make myself a yummy tea. I can either open my laptop and start working or I can just enjoy some “me” alone time and cuddle with Penelope. I watch TV and moisturize, do some face masks and so on! Why do I choose Hair Food for my shampoo and conditioner? Well, because it is super extensions and keratin treatment friendly, and I currently have both. The Hair Food Color Protect products smell amazing and protect color treated hair. They are sulfate free, parabens free, mineral oil free, dye free and gluten free. What else can you possibly want from a shampoo/conditioner, right?

I filmed a fun little video for you guys! Hope you like it.

Thank you Hair Food & Simply Stylist for sponsoring this blog post.


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Thanks to Hair Foods & SimplyStylist  for sponsoring this blog post.

{ How to: Tossled Hairstyle #FancyHairFriday }


Happy Friday!!

The weekend is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited! LOL… Michael is home and we get to really enjoy each other a bit more.

Today’s hairstyle is a tossled look. It has a bit of curls and a bit of straight its a very bipolar look that I love. I think it looks a bit edgy and fun for spring. The key to make this look is by having the right tools and I highly recommend Bio Iconic Hair Tools. I found these at Ulta and they are amazing, because the 24K barrel and plates polishes your messy look so well. I hope you guys like this look!

Tools needed to achieve this look

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{ How to: Make your lips look bigger & Brighter Smile }


Hey friends, happy Friday!

Are you enjoying the long weekend?? I loved waking up here in Las vegas and can’t wait to tackle everything I have planned for this visit to the magic city. I’m vlogging my time here and can’t wait to share with you.

A lot of my friends have been noticing my lips a little more lately and it’s partially because I plumped them up a few months ago with Ily at Dr. Baumann’s office (see the process here) and because I have been doing these really easy and simple tricks to make them a little bigger as well. So of course I had to share these tips with you.

The products I used are from e.l.f cosmetics, but you can use whatever you have at home. I’m also sharing a quick and easy lip scrub recipe in case you want to make your own.


{ How To: Side Boho Braid || #FancyHairFriday }

Hey friends!

The weekend is upon us! Yay!! This week has been a fun one over here. Hope the same for you! I woke up on Sunday morning longing for pink hair again. I wanted a very light pink but my mom talked me into the new “IT” color – rose gold. Last time I went light pink and this time it’s definitely a little darker, but since these colors tend to wash off quickly, we went darker.  So for this weeks #FancyHairFriday hair tutorial I went with a trusty look which is this side messy boho-ish braid. I have done this style so many times because it’s not only super quick, but also easy to achieve and the best part, all you need are the elastic clear hair ties! Cool right? I have been out and about and the Miami humidity has gotten the best out of my hair till I combat it with this braid and I’m good to go. Seriously! Once you master this hair style, you will be able to do it with your eyes close.

Also, keep in mind that all these hairstyles are extensions friendly since I’m still wearing my HairTalk tape-in’s. Want to see the application and transformation process? Click here. Read More…