{ Everyday Bold Lip & Wing Liner Makeup || Clarins 3 Dot Liner }

Hey all!

You know those days that you just don’t feel like putting make up on, but want to feel put together? Well I have those days very often, especially to go to work. I take a ton of pictures daily, either for the blog or for the boutique, so looking put together is a MUST. For those days I like to focus on my skin, making sure it looks healthy and very glowy. Once I get the skin looking fabulous, I focus on the eyes and the lips. I add a simple winged eyeliner and bold lips. This is such an easy makeup look andgets all the compliments. Truth be told, I wasn’t good at doing a winged eyeliner, that is, until I met my match made in heaven – The Clarins 3 Dot liner. Oh Em Gee you guys! Read More…

{ Denim One Piece Wonder & What’s happening to #FancyP }


Hey all,

I just noticed that this post never went up on the blog! How rude of me…. lol!!

So, here’s a quick update on my little Fancy P. For those that follow me on IG (@AFancyAffair) and on other social media platforms may already know this, but I have spent this past weekend in and out of the vet and animal hospital with my little #FancyP. Penelope was crying out of pain early last week and I had no idea why. We started ruling out a ton of different things till finally I rushed her to the emergency vet hospital where they did extensive tests and she was diagnosed with IVDD. The Intervertebral Disc Disease in dogs is a condition where the cushioning discs between the vertebrae of the spinal column either bulge or burst in the spinal cord space causing a lot of pain. Penelope has 4 bulging discs which are pressing on the nerves and causing her so much pain that she wouldn’t event let us approach her. This disease can press on the nerve causing not only pain, but nerve damage and even paralysis. She was sent home with a bunch of medications, pain killers and anti-inflammatory and I was told to keep her isolated in a cage for 3 weeks. We have a follow up appointment in 10 days. Have you ever heard of this before? If so, do you know of home treatments that you would recommend? I would love to hear more about it as we are a bit desperate. I can’t help but feel bad for her and feel a little guilty for not being more careful with her. Michael and I have no idea when this happened, we just noticed that she was in pain. We think she may have fallen from the bed or couch, but also know that Penelope is so playful and is constantly running and playing around. Once I go back for the follow up appointment I’ll update you guys.

Please keep this little fur baby in your prayers!

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{ #FancyHairFriday || PULL THROUGH BRAID }

Hey friends!

I had so many issues with uploading my video this past Friday that It’s now going live today!

Sorry about that, but this weeks #FancyHairFriday tutorial is a very fun pull through braid and guess what? It’s super easy to recreate. The following tools is what you need to achieve this look. Hope you like it! I also used the Madison Reed root touch up palette an love this stuff. Make sure to watch till the end to see how to apply.

Thanks for watching and please make sure to subscribe to my #YouTube channel.


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{ My Hair Routine }

Hello there, friends!

Today’s post is all about taming the mane and giving some major TLC to the first thing people see when they you, your hair! Having healthy hair is really important because, let’s be honest, messy hair is cute, but there’s no excuse for unhealthy hair. With all the products out there and the best invention yet, the dry shampoo, dirty hair is, as Fergie says, so 2000 and late. Today I’m getting a little intimate and taking you to the shower with me to show you my hair routine. I wash my hair two times a week, and use the Hair Food Dry Shampoo in between washes, especially because I work out.

Here’s what a typical wash my hair day looks like in my home. I try to wash it in the morning, so I have plenty of time to let it air dry. I jump in the shower, wash with Hair Food Color Protect Shampoo twice and once with the Hair Food Color Protect Conditioner. I leave the conditioner in my hair for a few minutes and take my time shaving and then I rinse. Once I get out of the shower, I towel-dry my hair, apply some leave in conditioner and make myself a yummy tea. I can either open my laptop and start working or I can just enjoy some “me” alone time and cuddle with Penelope. I watch TV and moisturize, do some face masks and so on! Why do I choose Hair Food for my shampoo and conditioner? Well, because it is super extensions and keratin treatment friendly, and I currently have both. The Hair Food Color Protect products smell amazing and protect color treated hair. They are sulfate free, parabens free, mineral oil free, dye free and gluten free. What else can you possibly want from a shampoo/conditioner, right?

I filmed a fun little video for you guys! Hope you like it.

Thank you Hair Food & Simply Stylist for sponsoring this blog post.


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Thanks to Hair Foods & SimplyStylist  for sponsoring this blog post.

{ Half Reversed Side Braid & Half Fishtail Braid }


Cheers to the weekend!

You say Cinco de Mayo & I say Margaritas!!! Tonight I will be hanging out with my favorite senoritas at Henri Bendel Aventura Mall, but first I wanted to share this fun #FancyHairFriday tutorial look with you all! Agin, this look is super easy to achieve and so extensions friendly! Watch the video and feel free to leave questions, concerns or comments below and I will gladly respond back.

Thanks for watching!

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{ 2 Hairstyles in 1. The Twisted Half-Up & Bun Style || #FAncyHairFriday }

For today’s #FancyHairFriday I have created two different hair styles that can be worn separately or together for a fun twist (literally!). I also added a bonus tutorial to show you how was you can pull your hair up and create a really quick messy bun utilizing these tools as well. These looks are so simple and it’s in partnership with Goody hair tools.

  •   Goody Spin Pins
  •   Wood Paddle Brush
  •   Wood Round Brush
  •   Ouchless Elastics

You all know that I use a lot of their product so when they asked to collaborate, I was like duh!! Let’s do it! I hope you like this tutorial and find it easy to recreate. Here’s what you’ll need for these 3 hairstyles.


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Thanks to Goody Hair for sponsoring this post.

{ Hair Transformation from Rose Gold to Blonde with Taped in Hair Extensions #FancyHairFriday }

Hey y’all! I’m a blondie again and I’m so happy about it!!

The rose gold hair (see more here) was fun while it lasted, but I must admit, blondes do have more fun!!

Today’s #FancyHairFriday is a bit different as I take you to the salon to show you the process of transforming my hair, not only from rose gold to blonde, but from short to long.

Thanks for watching!

Special thanks to my friends and mom at Studio D for allowing me to film. They rock!!

Studio-D Hair Salon
Downtown: 117 NE 2nd Avenue

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