amanda tur lifestyle beauty and fashion blogger from a fancy affair blog wearing ellen tracy wool blend stadium coat in kelly green for fall in miami fall style fall looks fall lookbook with old navy checkered flannel shirt shop ditto sunglasses prada sunglasses uber gigi new york black clutch ciela bib from baublebar ellen tracy persuade ankle boot and tous bracelet

{cozy coat}

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{Coat: Ellen Tracy || Clutch: Gigi New York || Sunnies: Prada (Use code: “AFANCYAFFAIR” to get your first month free) || Booties: Ellen Tracy || Necklace: Baublebar}


Hello friends, hope all is well!

I’ve been swooning over this gorgeous Ellen Tracy coat for weeks now and dreaming of cooler weather to take this baby out for a spin! The kelly green hue in this stunning coat had me at hello and it’s the color I’ve been gravitating towards this season. Recently, I received an email from a dear follower about options and ideas for styling and wearing her coat during her NYC trip. I sent her some options of how she could use this staple piece to layer, and how she could take it from casual to dressy, from a day out with the girls running around the gorgeous city that never stops and never sleeps, to a fun night out with the boys! Coats are that versatile, and you all know how I love versatile pieces. I hate to repeat myself on here, but the truth is that I love to add pieces to my closet that I can wear over and over again, mix matching with pieces I already own to create new looks, every time. This sophisticated and form fitting coat does just that for me. It’s long enough to cover a little bit of my legs when I need it and short enough to still accentuate my body when I pair it with jeans. A warm and cozy coat is a staple piece every woman should own and have in their closet. Today I’ll share the casual look and sometime next week I’ll share the more glam look.

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Thank you all for stopping by once again and talk to you soon.

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miami lifestyle beauty and fashion blogger amanda tur seven for all mankind high rise denim in a dark wash with ellen tracy white top zara bag similar to the drew chloe bag short brim green hat perfect for fall anf long fringe necklace

{time for a re-boot}

IMG_4878 IMG_4935 IMG_4928 IMG_4844 IMG_4860 IMG_4926

{Flared Denim: Nordstrom || Booties: Ellen Tracy || Top: Ellen Tracy || Bag: Zara (splurge version) || Bracelet: Margaret Elizabeth || Necklace: Zara}


Hello friends!

High Rise flared denim, block heels, and fringe equals 3 trends in one. Yes! You heard that right. It can be a bit intimidating to play with so many trends in one outfit and goes against many people’s rule book, but my personal opinion is that sometimes rules are meant to be broken. Because it just may work- case in point!

I blame it on the 70’s trend that has me all over it like Nutella on a spoon. What hooked me is the high rise flare jeans (my daily go-to) and block heel- the “IT” Fall and Winter bootie. The high rise flare, I feel like is so flattering to my body type and shape and I’ve seen working well for others with different body types than mine. So before you ditch this trend take my word for it, hop on over to the mall and try it on. You may love it and want to get it in every wash, seriously. Another obsession of mine has been the sleeveless turtleneck tops. For those that don’t know, I work at Baptist Hospital as an Event Planner so dressing business casual and not losing the trendy vibes is my daily forte. I’m sure you’re all sick of seeing me on my social media platforms wearing the turtleneck sleeveless red top (also seen here), and thanks to Ellen TracyI found the perfect dressy and more sophisticated version. My favorite part about this top is the pleat on the side of the collar, its so chic adding a feminine touch to it. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Here’s a few helpful fancy tips while shopping for these trends;

  • When picking out the perfect block heel- make sure that they are sturdy, chunky and not clunky with a streamline upper. These pair from Ellen Tracy are the perfect option, because it fits right into those descriptions and are soooo comfortable. These “IT” booties are definitely made for walking!!
  • High rise flattering flare denim are so versatile- They work great when paired with a button down top, solid top and cardigans, ponchos, a flowy vest and my newest favorite way with the ongoing trend of crop tops. Since flared jeans aren’t tight, fitted tops are usually a great way to balance out your outfit but loose tops work too.
  • Fringe has been having its moment for a few seasons now. I first introduced this trend to my wardrobe back in March (seen here) and slowly have been adding it to all my looks (most recently seen here). I love that it adds such a fun and flirty dimension to your look when walking and moving right along. This trend is not just for the festival season and can be subtly added to all your looks with either accessorizing it or by paring it with your favorite fringe-y heels or suede jacket with fringe-y arms.

Are you digging any of these trends? If so, share below!

IMG_4916 IMG_4911 IMG_4905 IMG_4895 IMG_4893 IMG_4891 IMG_4888 IMG_4886 IMG_4880 IMG_4869 IMG_4849 IMG_4845

Thanks again for reading along.

Stay chic!

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amanda tur miami fashion and lifetsyle blogger wearing ellen tracy floral skirt and top paired with henri bendel burgundy rivington chain crossbody bag with the chirstian louboutin so kate black pumps for fall in miami fall styles fall looks a fancy affair blog daniela millan designs

{dark side of florals}

IMG_4682 IMG_4715 IMG_4633 IMG_4616 IMG_4617 IMG_4618

{Top & Skirt: Ellen Tracy via Nordstrom || Heels: Christian Louboutin || Necklace, Earrings & Rings: Daniela Millan || Bracelet Set: TAudrey || Watch: Daniel Wellington || Lipstick: Mixed this one and this one by Nars || Bag: Henri Bendel || 3 Stones Cuff: Margaret Elizabeth}


With much excitement, today I’m finally able to share with you a collaboration that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. I’ve teamed up with Ellen Tracy to bring you some really fun and exciting new blog posts. This sophisticated brand has allowed me to style a few very unique and KEY pieces that I believe are a MUST in your closet and for your Fall / Winter wardrobe. I want to be completely honest and transparent with you guys, I love a styling challenge and refuse to partner up with brands that are not compatible to my style, but Ellen Tracyalthough not shared on here often, is perfect for my double life- ha! Event Planner work lifestyle (by day) and fashion blogger (by night). These looks are all outfits that I wore to different occasions in the past few weeks and decided they were worthy enough to be shared and praised.

Although, I would love to wear denim all day, everyday, my daily routine and work type only gives me the freedom to do that once in a blue moon like casual Friday and on the weekends. I find that life is definitely too short to be wearing boring clothes, shoes and accessories. So, am I the one that is always overdressed? Yes! You guessed that right. I accessorize and overdress my little heart out every chance I get. It’s what I love about fashion. I love to style different pieces and mix match trends with items that are already in my closet.

Now onto my oh so fancy look, I am wearing a gorgeous A-line dark floral skirt which is perfect for Fall. Paired with a very pretty and well fitted high neck top- both are pieces from Ellen Tracy Fall/Winter collection in stores now. Welcome to the dark side! I wore this look to a recent babyshower and received so many compliments. This look is so feminine and it’s the epitome of chic meets Fall in Miami. Of course I paired it with my favorite pumps- the “so kate” by Christian Louboutin. The way these pumps fit are chic, classic and exudes sexiness without over exposing.  Once the weather here drops a little more, I will be pairing this skirt with a thick stocking to add that extra layer of warmth. I also added a leather jacket which adds an edginess to this look, but it’s never made out of the car since the heat in Miami is still going strong.

Now onto my favorite part of this collaboration!! Do you know a dynamic woman who passionately takes on life’s challenges with courage and style to achieve her goals? Nominate her today (link here) and share why using the hashtag (#sheishyphenated). Perhaps your mother, sister, or even grandmother could win the women-hyphenated contest and a trip to New York City to view the newest collection and shop for a personalized Ellen Tracy wardrobe!!

The Ellen Tracy #sheishyphenated contest is rooted in the notion that women’s work in today’s world is a delicately balanced state of hyphenation. This fall Ellen Tracy celebrates “Hyphenated Women” — women who shape our world everywhere.

IMG_4622 IMG_4626 IMG_4627 IMG_4731 IMG_4634 IMG_4641 IMG_4642 IMG_4648 IMG_4649 IMG_4653 IMG_4658 IMG_4667
IMG_4672 IMG_4675 IMG_4681 IMG_4683 IMG_4700 IMG_4708 IMG_4717

Thank you for stoping by and check back Thursday for the second part of this collaboration.

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{mixing metals}

IMG_4493 IMG_4495 IMG_4497 IMG_4545 IMG_4540 IMG_4594 IMG_4597 IMG_4499

{Pants (similar) & Top (similar): Zara || Bracelet: Elizabeth || Hat: Zara (similar) || Clutch: Gigi New York || Watch: Daniel Wellington || Flats: Valentino’s Rockstud || Bracelet Set: TAudrey || Somerset Ring: Tiffany & Co || Cube Silver Ring: OnaChan Jewelry}


Hello there!

Cheers to my second collaboration look with Ellen Tracy. This, oh so casual look accessorized with this beautiful mixed metals layered necklace. We all know that everything layered is better. We’ve seen that the layered necklace trend has been pretty consistent these last few season and I don’t think its going anywhere for a while. They are fun, delicate and adds a nice feminine, dainty vibe to your ensemble and Ellen Tracy has captured that. This three tiered layered necklace is irresistible and insanely stylish and works great to amp up any casual look like this one. The idea that its mixed metals adds such an edgy touch and makes your life so much easier special when deciding on gold, silver or rose gold for accessories. Decision no more! This is just the one you need.


IMG_4513 IMG_4534 IMG_4542 IMG_4548 IMG_4555 IMG_4556 IMG_4565   IMG_4576 IMG_4577 IMG_4585 IMG_4589   IMG_4596   IMG_4598 IMG_4601 

Thank you for stoping by and till next time!

Photos taken in Brickell Miami, Florida

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